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It was a very exciting day for us at Peerie Foxes on Monday as after our soft opening on 13th, Beatrice Wishart MSP came along to  do us the honour of officially opening the setting.


Instead of the standard ribbon cutting, and as smashing champagne bottles would be a waste, in line with our play ethos, she was welcomed in to knock down a ceremonial tower representing breaking down the barriers families can face accessing quality affordable childcare and, as we all know in childcare, knocking down towers is great fun!


Witnessing this were Katrina Wiseman, Area Manager from Highland and Island Enterprise, without whose support this project could never have happened.  Also in attendance were a Salvation Army Major (who was curious to see what we’ve done to their former premises) Martin Tregonning from Tregonning and Company, our lovely accountants and business support and Graeme Amedro from GTS who assisted with the security footage installation and getting our tech  up and running.


After the tower was duly toppled we had a visit around the premises to see the entire site and chat with some of our little friends. This ended up in our fantastic new outdoor space which is giving all kinds of opportunities for free flow and natural play experiences, whatever the weather. Finally we all started off our new handprint wall so that everyone who comes to Peerie Foxes can leave a forever mark on the setting. 


I would like to take this opportunity to express massive and sincere thanks to all the many other people and companies who joined in the crusade to make this a wonderful reality.


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